Beechfield Secure Unit

Beechfield Secure Unit

Effingham Road
West Sussex
RH10 3HZ

Tel: 01342 712309
Fax: 01342 717332
Referrals: 01342 712309

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Beechfield Secure Unit

Looking Forward, Offering Choices

Beechfield is a Secure Children’s Home (SCH) for young people set on the beautiful West Sussex/Surrey borders near Crawley. Beechfield is a national resource owned and managed by West Sussex County Council. The home provides secure accommodation for young people aged 10-17. In certain circumstances, young people under the age of 13 can be accommodated with Secretary of State approval. We have been specialising in the welfare needs of young people since 1983 and young people are placed with us due to either having a history of absconding or are likely to abscond, likely to suffer significant harm or likely to injure themselves or others. Young people are placed under the Children’s Act 1989, Section 25 or section 70 Children (Scotland) Act 1995. The young people may also be or have been the subject of a Care Order, Interim Care Order, Emergency Protection Order or Child Assessment Order. Beechfield has been rated ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ features following our latest OFSTED inspection.

Beechfield staff team have the training, skills and understanding to engage with young people, using the relationships that are built over time to enable the young people to look forward and make positive changes. They adopt good parenting responses to maintain the safe management of both the young person and the group, whilst allowing them to take assessed risks to develop as an individual. The risk assessment process at Beechfield is rigorous yet flexible to allow progress as young people are encouraged to look forward and consider their choices.

We place great emphasis on working in partnership with young people, their families and other professionals to address problematic patterns of behaviour and reinforce positives through constructive and individualised interventions. As a member of the Beechfield team, the resident Consultant Clinical Psychologist will help to co-ordinate and provide a range of therapeutic services to the young people. A focussed assessment of the mental health and emotional wellbeing of each young person will be completed within the first five weeks of placement.

Beechfield offers a full educational programme to each individual young person which is broad, balanced and differentiated according to age, ability, aptitude, interest and any particular educational needs the young person might have. Development of basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills will always be a key focus when a young person has difficulties in these areas.

Specialist Services

  • A staff team that are fully trained in core welfare subjects such as sexual exploitation, substance misuse, anger management, self-harm prevention and holistic support to deliver a service which meets individual needs.
  • Facilitate a positive group living experience, allowing the young people in our care to develop both relationships and appropriate social skills.
  • Provide clear and achievable care plans for young people throughout their stay in conjunction with their placing authority, family and or other significant parties and encourage the young person to take an active part in the care planning process through participation in meetings and on-going discussion throughout their stay.
  • Individual mobility programmes for the young people to enable them to re-integrate with the community to develop their skills, talents and interests with the support of staff with which trust has been built.
  • Beechfield fully supports the young people’s future plans through our Independent living Skills programme, enabling the young people to develop the necessary skills to manage everyday life.
  • A personalised education programme allowing the young people access to the national curriculum and incorporating and offering extensive and interesting extra-curricular activities, e.g. horticulture, vocational workshop, silversmithing, beekeeping, animal husbandry, furniture restoration, mechanics, woodland walks, sport.
  • All young people will have access to all appropriate health services including dentist, optician, speech and language therapists, GU clinic, substance misuse workers and weekly visits from the local GP and LAC nurse.
  • A Consultant Clinical Psychologist who will complete an assessment within a 5 week assessment.
  • Fortnightly visits from ‘Voice’ advocacy service.



  • 10 acres of grounds.
  • 7 bedrooms all with en-suite facilities, 3 of which have en-suite showers.
  • Internal facilities-Large living space that is well furnished, a unit kitchen for food preparation and a young person’s kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities, a smaller lounge/ video games room and a dedicated fitness suite. There is 1 classroom and 1 craft room which are used for activities during the holidays and weekends.
  • External secure facilities-Grassed areas for multiple use, all weather courtyard, built in BBQ, relaxation area and allotments.
  • Fully fitted and extensive vocational workshop.
  • External to the secure area-silversmithing workshop, chickens, bees, sheep, a pond and a woodland area.
  • A step down bungalow that is used for meetings, contact visits and mobility.