A personal account of a young persons journey during a welfare stay at a Secure Children’s Home

A secure welfare placement is a placement route which is not taken lightly by a local authority as it entails depriving a young person of their liberty. When this decision is taken, a young person can be informed of the decision in different manners and, at the time a decision is made, it can be unknown to the young person what a placement within a secure children’s home will look like for them, or even how long they might reside there.

A young person who has resided within a secure children’s home on welfare grounds has written an account of their journey within the placement and the positive impact it had on her.

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MP Dr Phillip Lee Visit to Clayfields House

Dr Phillip Lee tweeted about his visit commenting on the great work done educating and caring for some of the most challenging young people in Britain.

Job Opportunity at Atkinson SCH, Exeter – Deputy Manager

The Atkinson SCH is seeking a highly motivated, experienced and enthusiastic manager with excellent communication skills to join the Atkinson team.

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