National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit


The National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit has been created to provide a dedicated single point of contact to arrange secure welfare placements and streamline the process of finding the most suitable placement matching the individual needs of each young person needing secure care. This significantly reduces the administrative time taken to place a young person in the most suitable accommodation as placing authorities are no longer required to ring around all of the Secure Children’s Homes.

To make a placement or to learn more about the referrals process, please visit the referrals page.

A major benefit of the unit is that detailed information from all the Secure Children’s Homes, including each home’s specialisms, and the young people placed in them will be held in one place. This has the advantage of ensuring that all options for a young person can be considered enabling informed decisions about the most appropriate placement for them. This much-needed national data will prove invaluable in terms of learning what is working and where changes may be needed. We will also be building a national profile on the young people referred including complexities and needs.

The National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit will maintain up to date availability information across all Secure Children’s Homes providing secure welfare care. The centralized unit will also be able to gain a much clearer understanding of the volume, demand and need profile of young people needing secure welfare accommodation. The unit will collect data on all aspects of referrals for young people and the outcomes of those referrals, including where there have been challenges to making placements. This coordinated information will be shared with the sector for its strategic development and will ultimately support Ministers to make decisions on the future of the sector.

The National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit is a small, dedicated team committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all children needing secure placements. The team has a wealth of collective experience within the social care sector enabling it to provide an efficient high quality national service. It will provide a transparent single point of contact between placing authorities and the Secure Children’s Homes.

Please contact the NSWCU if you have any questions or comments about our service. We welcome any feedback and look forward to working alongside all Local Authorities and Secure Children’s Homes. The NSWCU’s working hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 – 17:00.


National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit
Hampshire County Council,
3rd Floor,
EII Court North,
SO23 8UG.

Telephone:     01962 846432.

Email:              Securewelfarecommissioning@hants.gcsx.gov.uk