Hillside Secure Centre

Hillside Secure Centre
South Wales
SA11 1UL
Tel: 01639 641648
Fax: 01639 620236
Referrals: 01639 641648

Email: hillside@npt.gov.uk
Website: click here

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Hillside Secure Centre

Hillside is a national purpose built Secure Children’s Home, which opened in 1996. We are an integral part of Social Services Children’s Provision. We can accommodate up to twenty-two children and young people of either gender between the ages of 12 – 17 years.

The resources available within and to the Centre enable an intensive response to meet the complex and diverse needs of children and young people.

The work undertaken maintains a caring, controlled yet relaxed environment that enables each child and young person to feel safe and secure within themselves and able to take responsibility and control over their own lives, having developed many aspects of personal development and self worth. This is achieved through a high quality of care, education, assessment and therapeutic intervention that impacts positively on changing behaviours holistically.

The service delivery is undertaken by well-trained experienced, often qualified persons in the respective fields of expertise. We invest heavily in our staff team and provide a comprehensive three-year training programme that includes induction, specialisms and NVQs at level 3 and 4. Staff are linked to direct programmed work in relation to their competence and expertise to support and co-work alongside specialist workers.

The range of comprehensive assessments and individualised programmes of intervention are monitored and evaluated regularly and the outcomes reported through the monthly case reviewing process.

Detailed monitoring through information technology systems evidence the progress made by children and young people on an on-going basis and used by staff to work with children / young people. This information is evaluated by the Senior Management Team monthly and informs decisions in respect to individuals as well as service delivery and development, highlighting ‘what works’ on an individual and Centre basis. These outcomes are consistently evaluated against the Home’s Mission Statement and Child Care Principles.

Our Mission Statement:
“To impact in the life of a child or young person enabling positive development to maintain a fulfilling life in the community”.

Specialist Services

  • Effective planning and purposeful, achievable actions enable positive change and outcomes for children and young people.
  • The education of children and young people is an essential element of the holistic approach to meeting individual’s needs. The value of education cannot be underestimated.
  • All young people have access to health resources whilst at Hillside
  • Effective pro-social modelling and individualised interventions enable young people to feel safe and confident enough to take responsibility for changing their behaviours making better informed decisions that enables them to take control over their own development and life.
  • Contact with family and friends are an aspect of paramount importance.
  • Self-identity is a key factor in the care and development of children and young people.
  • The intervention work undertaken is driven by the assessment process that begins with the case workers assessment of the child / young person pre and post admission.
  • All young people are provided with opportunities for mental and physical activities, which are appropriate to their age, gender, culture and preferences.



  • The facilities on each living Unit include Televisions, Radios, Videos, Playstations, CD Players, Crafts, Board Games, Books, Magazines, Art Equipment and an external recreational garden area.
  • Gymnasium, Fitness Room, All Weather Outdoor Pitch
  • Art Craft Room, Craft Design and Technology Room, Computer Room
  • Horticultural Garden
  • Cinema, Karaoke / Music Room
  • Vocational Workshop facilities include building, plumbing, electrical, home economics, health & beauty, painting & decorating