Secure Welfare Coordination Unit

The SWCU administers placements and collects secure welfare data

The Secure Welfare Coordination Unit (SWCU) is a small unit grant funded by the Department for Education (DfE). It is not a legal entity and therefore does not have a Director. The SWCU is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all children needing secure placements.

Referrals and Placements

The SWCU provides a transparent, dedicated single point of contact for local authorities in England and Wales, to arrange secure welfare placements and streamline the process of finding the most suitable placement matching the individual needs of each young person needing secure care. Referrals are made available to all homes where a secure place is available. Each home will then indicate whether they can accept the young person.

Detailed guidance on all aspects of secure welfare placements can be found in the following document: 

Data Collection and Insights

The Secure Welfare Co-ordination Unit maintains up to date availability information across all Secure Children’s Homes providing secure welfare care. The centralised unit achieves a much clearer understanding of the volume, demand and need profile of young people needing secure welfare accommodation.

The unit collects data on all aspects of referrals for young people and the outcomes of those referrals, including where there have been challenges to making placements. This coordinated information is shared with the sector for its strategic development and will ultimately supports Ministers in making decisions on the future of the sector.

Contact the SWCU

Please contact the SWCU if you have any questions or comments about our service. We welcome any feedback and look forward to working alongside all Local Authorities and Secure Children’s Homes. The SWCU’s working hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 – 17:00.

01962 846432

Secure Welfare Co-ordination Unit
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court North 4th floor
The Castle
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SWCU Reports

Analysis of the centrally collected referral data allows the SWCU to publish reports on the performance of the service and identify what works well and to inform strategic development.

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