Secure Accommodation Network

SAN is chaired by Dave Clarke, Registered Manager at the Lincolnshire SCH. The Deputy Chair is Thirza Smith, who is the Registered Manager for Clayfields SCH (Nottinghamshire). Dave and Thirza are supported by a core group of members to develop and lead SAN practices within secure children’s homes (England and Wales).

The core group includes:-

  • Kieran Hill, Registered Manager at Aldine House SCH (Sheffield) who leads on business reporting and the management of the secure children’s homes website;
  • Alison Sykes, Registered Manager of Vinney Green SCH (South Gloucester) who is the SAN treasurer.
  • Francis N’Jie, Registered Manager at Adel Beck SCH (Leeds) who leads on policy, practice guidance and workforce development.
  • Melanie Prince, Head of Education at Clare Lodge SCH (Peterborough) who leads and advises on education and vocational development, accreditation, improvement and attainment.

The core group holds regular meetings and assigns SAN members to be representatives on a range of organisational, government and regional practice and development initiatives relation to secure accommodation when necessary.

SAN holds 2 or 3 annual national meetings for members, stakeholders and partner organisations to share good practice and agree on a range of service development and improvements.