There are 15 Secure Children’s Homes (SCHs) throughout England and Wales encompassing a range of services within a secure environment that provide tailored support for the individual needs of the young people in their care. SCH placements are for both males and females aged between 10 and 18.

They provide:

  • full residential care
  • on site education and training
  • thorough, wide ranging health provision from Doctors and Nurses
  • specialist provision for the assessment and treatment of young people with high risk behaviours including sexual harming and trauma therapy
  • a wide range of mental health and learning difficulty assessments and treatment options from Psychiatrists and Psychologists

SCHs offer high levels of trained and expert staff providing intensive assistance and support to each young person. They attract experts in their field and encourage and support them in their continuing professional development. SCHs also work with multi agency partners to deliver individualised packages of holistic care.

Young people within Secure Children’s Homes already achieve rates of progress far in excess of national expectations of good progress in relation to education. In Ofsted terms this progress would be deemed “Outstanding”. They typically attend 25 – 30 hours of school every week with lessons delivered by qualified teachers.

The starting point for the effective engagement of young people in Custody, in Education and Training, must be a holistic, therapeutic environment in which all young people’s needs are met. This starting point already exists – within Secure Children’s Homes.