Marydale Secure Unit

Marydale Lodge is a charity run Secure Children’s Home that provides support and care for 12 children under Section 25 of the Children’s Act 1989. Marydale is made up of two homes, Austen and Bronte, both provide support to all genders. The purpose of secure accommodation is primarily to protect and to help stabilise high-risk behaviours, identify and examine reasons for such behaviours and help the young person move on safely to an appropriate setting. Marydale fulfils this purpose by implementing strategies to minimise the risk of these behaviours, keeping young people safe, setting boundaries, and implementing a holistic programme of interventions – all of which help the young people to develop coping strategies to minimise their risk-taking behaviours in the future. 

Children in Marydale are expected to attend education onsite, and engage with our onsite health team.

Secure stairs (the framework for intergrated care) is fully embedded in Marydale. Marydale uses Compassion Focused Therapy as its system wide model of care, of which all staff are trained in. 

Marydale’s Ofsted report and Statement of Purpose are available on request.


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Marydale Secure Unit
Blackbrook Road
St Helens
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